Thursday, 8 October 2015

Girls will rule the PR world

Public relation girls are always on their toes and know how to maintain their work life balance. They have unmatched dedication, powerful networking and communication skills. This is one such industry in which girls are in majority and in the near future they will rule the PR world. It’s a demanding industry which does not compromise at one and wants everything under the sun. They handle everything within a limited time frame and are well-versed with their job.

Top 5 skills which make them Domain Queen are:

·         AVAILABLE 24 * 7
Be it 6 AM in the morning or 11:30 at night, PR girls are available anytime when work is considered. Their mails are written perfectly with all minute details and required information. They know how to balance their work as well as personal life. They are an expert at multi-tasking and managing everything with complete dedication and zero negligence.

·         TIP TO TOE – TEN ON TEN
You can easily spot PR girls with the way they are dressed in their formals carrying a perfect purse, neatly tied hair and shirt tucked in trousers. They are always ready for a meeting or emergency.

While having a routine conversation with you, they are evaluating different ideas and harvesting information. Their thinking and interpretation abilities are far different from yours.

Once given a deadline, they always get the work done before it and nothing can stop them from doing this. Their dedication level is way very high and even burn midnight oil to do so. They are always present for any event or occasion well before time. Their energy to do things is incomparable.


Girls in public relations are aware of the current technology be it apps, or anything that is related to communication and public relations. While other people are busy experimenting new devices, they have already fused with them. Be it any person in the industry, they know them all either directly or indirectly and must have had a conversation with them at least once.

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