Friday, 16 October 2015

How to Write a Press Release

The essential element for public relation strategies are Press releases.  They are well- written document giving important information on a particular matter disseminated in media.  Press release is a valuable medium for communicating news to your target audience through media. It includes event announcements, launch of new products, Awards and achievements, and other newsworthy items an organization produces. 

Here are few tips to write a press release:

Attractive Headline

Press Release headlines are very crucial as it’s an eye-catcher. Attractive headline attracts the attention of both journalist and readers. It should be brief and clear including the important keywords. Important keywords in headlines will not only give you a better idea of the press release content but also better visibility in search engines. Headlines are always written in present tense.

5W and 1 H

The first paragraph of press release should include all the important information of the story. It should answer the 5W (Who, What, Why, Where, When) and 1H (How) of the news.
 Who – who are the key players?
What- What the event is about?
Why- reason for the event?
Where- Location of the event?
When- Timing of the event?
How- How the event took place?

News Worthy

To get your press release published in media it’s important to convince the journalist that your story is newsworthy. Your press release should appeal to the entire readership of the publication. It should include strong background, important links supporting your press release, data facts and figures.

Write it like a reporter

The press release should be written in the same way you want to appear it in media. At times Journalist don’t have time to research your company's important announcements, so it’s better to write the press release in the same way so that journalist can use it in their write up.

Client Details

After completing your press release, always remember to give brief background about your client for whom you are disseminating the release in media. It will help journalist to know more about your client.  


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