Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ideology, Media and PR

A system of ideas and ideals, especially which form the basis of Political theory, Economic theory and Policy can be summed up as ideology. An individual or a group formed specifically to attain a certain goal can have an ideology and are free to propagate it. However should a media house or any agency or organisation related to journalism which has an impact on the way masses think be allowed to have an ideology? Any ideologue would be more than happy to find an organisation that shows sympathy to his/her cause. After all an individual’s reach is far more limited than that of an organisation. It is like a drop in the ocean when compared to that of a media house. But is it ethical for a media house to follow a certain  ideology?

The last 2-2 1/2 decades have witnessed an upsurge in the PR sector. It has resulted in change of perspective from time to time. Be it elections or economic policies, one and all have been affected by it. PR Firms have considerably affected Media too, they have become accessible to the masses.

Today media houses are used as a medium to propagate ideologies. Most of the Media houses align themselves with a certain ideology. They are used for image management,as a shield in crisis and are part and parcel of the Crisis Management strategy. There have been numerous examples in the recent past. The most prominent among them is the use of media by Spiritual Gurus and such others. If it was limited to it no one would have had a problem. But there are Media groups which are wary of a certain ideologies and so these ideologies however fruitful they might seem to certain sections of society won’t find a mention. Those who run them are of the opinion that since men are involved ideology is an integral part of media and cannot be removed. However, intellectuals have time and again stressed for the need of bias free media.

A certain media house tends to become a leftist mouthpiece while the other propagates rightist ideology. In this war of ideologies the ultimate loss is borne by the innocent reader.

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