Monday, 9 November 2015

What makes a good PR Agency?

The core strength of a PR agency is to place his client in the right place, at the right time and among right target audience. Public Relations is all about creating awareness, a positive public perception of the client. While the methods may differ from media relations, to viral campaigns, lobbying to liaising, press conferences to product launches and much more. However the intention of every public relation campaign; whether long or short term should be to create a positive image of its client. The three features of a PR agency that makes it a frontrunner.


The key ingredient for any PR agency is to have the requisite knowledge. A huge knowledge bank to draw back on is something that is essential for any kind of agency that works in a professional services field. To be industry leaders it is a prerequisite to have excellent knowledge of their client and the market in which they operate. Awareness of currently relevant news helps a PR agency to seize the right opportunities for their clients especially with regards to placing their clients in the current industry related stories. An exemplary knowledge on current affairs and your client’s is absolutely essential.


The ability to forge and sustain strong relationships is something that is integral for any good PR agency. A relationship skill that tends to be more overlooked is the ability to build and maintain good relationships with clients. Many PR agencies are efficient in providing their clients with media relations services, press coverage and expert strategic communications advice, however toping it up with exemplary client service truly sets an agency apart from its competitors.


Creativity comes in many forms, which are all essential for any PR agency to have in abundance. Whether it is the creativity to produce interesting and engaging content, effectively branding your client or creativity in crafting a story around them so that they fit into the current news and are engaging to journalists, as well as their target market. Having that extra creative flair is what makes good PR agency great.

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