Friday, 26 February 2016

Life in a PR Agency

PR agency’s life is not for the timid, nor is it for the dull and the dependent.  Life there is for the bold, the creative and the addicted. It’s not all glamorous parties and getting paid to spend hours on social media (although there is some of that too). Agency life is tough work, but rewarding too. Here’s a look at what drives our days.

Nitty Gritty of Day to Day -Life at a PR firm is fun, fast-paced and one of continuous learning. Tasks and decisions are to be made quickly and one needs to be spontaneous. There is continuous learning which is thrilling but being in the service sector the PR professionals cannot be callous. A PR professional gets to work and deal with an array of clients and sectors. It requires them to know a lot about their clients.  The clients expect the agency to bring the best branding strategy for them every day, so there is a lot of note-taking and studying. A professional has to stay ahead of current news, trends, and technology. On the downside, they are also most likely to work longer hours, including nights and weekends.

Thinking Outside the Box- There’s just no “typical day” in a PR Agency .Everyday brings new challenges and issues to resolve. While others are idling away in cubicles, watching the clock tick-tock, professionals are caught up in dreaming up crazy catchy campaign ideas and crafting enticing press notes and press releases.

Learning Like a Child and Implementing like a Pro.- Working at an agency requires a quick-shifting mind and a continuous urge to learn as they are always working with new clients. The PR Professionals need to grasp the new info dawned upon them with the curiosity of a child but still the plans made eventually are well thought over ideas of adults.

A Lot of Initiative - Public relations professionals get to make things happen. They are never waiting around for the stories to break. They are out and about, building the buzz themselves. They pitch stories about the amazing work their clients are doing or help them in doing some amazing work.

That’s agency life in a nutshell.

Sure it’s crazy, but there isn’t any other way to do it folks. 

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti - Deputy Manager at PR Professionals 

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