Thursday, 4 February 2016

PR – A Success Key for Startups

It is very important for startups to invest in marketing strategies for promoting its business. In today’s time, marketing strategies has a massive impact on the target audience as it not only maximizes profit but it also transforms a product into a brand.

PR is the most effective tool to promote your business. However new start ups require more promotion and branding in the market which is possible through a concerted effort of advertising and PR. Most start ups have budget constraint and for them it is better to invest in Public relations instead of spending heavy expenditures on advertising. 

With an effective public relations strategy it becomes easier to achieve editorial exposure. As it adds third-party credibility when the product is mentioned in the form of a news story and it also helps in increasing your profile and building brand awareness.

Key pointers that will help in building image of your product:

Determination of Goals
It is very important to define clear goals for every PR campaign. It should answer the questions like who is your target audience, what message you want to deliver, what are you hoping to achieve? Once you know what you are pitching, how you are pitching, to whom you are pitching, then it becomes easier to achieve your goals.

Understanding of Market
It is very important to know and understand your market as Public Relation is one of the fastest changing markets along with technology. You should be aware of what is happening in market and also keep your client updated with new changes in market.

Easy Access to Media
The success key for any PR agency is to establish and maintain strong relationship with media. The best way to build a relationship with media is to make sure your story is newsworthy, timely and interesting.

Optimization of Social Media
A recent study claims that per day a normal user spends approximately 1.83 hours on social media sites, and this is the reason for the huge transformation in our way of communication. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube are now being heavily used by PR professionals for their clients. It is best way to break a news story and to reach wider audience.

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta - Deputy Manager at PR Professionals 

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