Sunday, 28 February 2016

Spreading the Warmth of PR

With winters reaching its epitome in the city, PR Professionals and the people of Gurgaon came together to help the underprivileged battle this freezing weather. One of the biggest warm cloth donation drive “Gurgaon Cares’ by Navbharat Times again helped to spread the warmth among Gurgaon this year. Rise Always Welfare Society (RAWS), DLF Foundation and M3M Group came forward and partnered with Navbharat Times to support this noble campaign and contribute their bit to the society. Different locations were identified by the partners and cartons were kept at more than 10 different public places of Gurgaon and people were asked to donate warm clothes and blankets. A aggressive campaign was done by NBT with the team of PR Professionals to promote ‘Gurgaon Cares’ and inform people to come out in massive numbers to donate and spread the much needed warmth to the deprived.  

The campaign turned out to be huge success and excellent number of clothes and blankets were collected from the different locations. The distribution took place at the last day of the campaign at Labour Chowk, Gurgaon where one can find N number of homeless and needy people. To support and encourage the campaign Shri Rao Narbir Singh, Haryana Minister for Forests, Wildlife & PWD himself distributed the clothes on the last day which was followed by the other partners. More than 500 people benefitted from the donation drive and the blankets and clothes that were left after the distribution were donated at the Civil Hospital, Gurgaon. The blankets were distributed amongst the patients of maternity ward in civil hospital to end the campaign.

PR Pros are always perceived to be the ones who are carrying out aggressive campaigns to promote their clients and create news. But campaigns like these time and again prove that the power of communication can also help towards the betterment of the society. This was the second year of ‘Gurgaon Cares’ and the millennium city has yet again proved it that when it comes to helping others it never lags behind instead leads from the front. 

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti - Deputy Manager at PR Professionals 

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