Monday, 7 March 2016

How Digitalization is Transforming the Way We Do PR

Public Relations is a profession that has ceaselessly changed over the years. As an area of operation which fundamentally deals in the way we communicate, PR Professionals have to be open and receptive to constant technological developments. A PR agency’s key role is to merge the PR practices with the new digital technologies that are reforming the ways between businesses, brands, governments and individuals communicate with each other.
With rapid digitalization, PR agencies are now adapting the traditional PR practices such as copywriting, media relations, strategic communication with modern digital technologies. It also incorporates modern PR practices such as digital PR campaigns, search engine optimization, social media management and many more. The advantages of a PR agency that is well versed with digital tools are numerous. One of the major breakthrough that internet has brought is that it has broken all the geographical and physical barriers of communication. Previously brands used to launch several different PR campaigns in different places, but digitalization has helped brands to reach out all over the globe from a single platform. The PR campaigns now can be much more explicit for a particular target audience. Several websites, social networks and search engines provide details of browsing practices of the consumers which gives a level of precision and efficiency which was barely possible before the digitalization.
Digital communication through digitalization of content and has become the major part of PR these days. PR agencies are now using content in the form of info graphics, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos etc to engage with their target audience and create awareness about their products or brands. Content marketing like these and similar digital campaigns are perfect PR moves to impact the audience in a more significant way. No doubt digital Media is becoming gradually an integral part of Public Relation and Communications. With the rapid digitalization and the launch of the Digital India campaign by our government it is necessity for all the PR agencies and PR Professionals to be well versed with the digital media and apply it in our day today lives.  

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti Deputy Manager at PR Professionals 

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