Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Crisis Management

A crisis can occur anytime without any hint or notice and the damage caused by it may be thousand times more than one can imagine.  Strategic planning is very important to deal with any type of crisis. The application of such strategies results in mellowing down any such negative event that too without causing any harm.

Any unpredictable event may lead to a crisis situation or some past event which had the potential of causing risk can also turn out to be harmful. In such a situation the crisis manager has to quickly take the lead and limit the damage being caused to the organization. Anyone and everyone cannot be a crisis manager. He, who understands the organization completely, is pro-active and can handle diverse situations.  

One of the easiest ways to deal with a crisis is to plan in detail for any possible risk. This is done by identifying possible crisis situations. Secondly, establish such system to detect any kind of problem. A crisis management team should be formed within the organization or an external agency too can be hired to do the needful.

The public relations or corporate communication team of an organization is the one which plays an important role in handling crisis situations. It comprises of the most experienced and dynamic professionals who are able to tackle the media as well. This is because once news reached media; it takes no time to spread to the public, resulting in major loss for the respective organization.

 Therefore, crisis management is a very crucial for any organization and the role of a crisis manager most important.

       The author of this opinion article is Ms. Lovleen Sharma at PR Professionals

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