Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How to Work Effectively With Your PR Agency

Hiring a Public Relations firm for your organization can deliver wonderful outcomes if only you work together efficiently. Sadly, majority of the organizations have incorrect approach when it comes to their PR agency. In case you have recently hired a PR agency or thinking to hire one the following steps can help you to build a healthy and successful relationship.

  • Provide a clear and to the point synopsis of your organization: To be effective, your PR agency needs the maximum information about your organization and industry. Information is vital, the more information you have the more easy it is for your PR agency to work.

  • Provide your PR agency time to understand your organization and strategize plans for it: One cannot expect a miracle right after hiring a PR agency. Chalking out the right public relations strategy for your organization will take time. Genuine PR goals that connect with your overall business goals should not be rushed.

  • Ensure that your spokespersons are always available to your PR agency: Most of the organizations often make the mistake of hiring a PR agency and then not responding to them when required. To brand you and publicize you PR agency needs you and your inputs. When you give your agency your complete involvement things moves faster.

  • Never hide anything from your PR agency, always tell the truth: Lying and hiding information will never help you. Be very honest with your PR agency, keeping them updated about your expectations, strengths and weaknesses will help your agency to foresee opportunities and the crisis well in advance. 

  • Always be open to your PR agency’s suggestions and ideas: Be very open when your agency comes to you with fresh and creative concepts then just saying that you want something new and eventually turning your back when the new ideas are actually presented. It is an agency’s responsibility to create thoughtful campaigns to serve your organization and make your brand a leader in the respective industry; so let them do their jobs.

              The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti at PR Professionals

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