Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Introduction To Digital PR

Public relation is a growing industry that promotes the ideas and activities of industries as well as nurture new industries. It strives to create and maintains a positive public image So as to increase public awareness. The rise of internet has had a staggering effect on public relations therefore giving rise to digital PR, so a question comes to our mind that what is PR and how can itbe used effectively in current ever changing market.

When the PR first came into existence firms mainly focused on building image by using different types of media to promote their clients. Back then the industry faced many problems like the PR firms were very much dependent on media and it was very hard to reach a broader customer base and keep the required information for a long period of time Digital Public Relations (PR) has had a direct on the way PR agencies conduct business for their respective customers.


The growth of internet has made digital public relations a much wider and a dynamic field which allows business groups to provide their information to a broader range of public and keep the information available for a longer period of time.

Nowadays firms are not dependent printing press and newspapers that are quickly replaced by next issue. Search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing have allowed the information to be available to the public in a shorter span of time by only typing a few keywords. There are many key tools which make a successful PR like social media, blogs.


Facebook, twitter, linkden, instagram etc. are all examples of social media sites which help in sending information to broader range of people within a fraction of second. Thus the social media promotion is very important in the world of digital PR

The shift from keypad phones to smartphones that enable internet browsing is a revolutionary change for PR firms because now the information is available at the finger for the users and it is now easier for the firms to have a healthy relationship with fans and create a positive media.


An understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords optimizing news content is essential for digital PR professionals and is very useful for PR firms as internet search is the most widely used method for finding information. It is easy for content like videos, articles to be optimized according to user needs by attaching popular phrases and catchy headlines which are widely used.

Improving the search visibility not only helps PR firms and their marketing efforts but it also creates a positive online reputation that can attract many journalists and bloggers to research your industry.


Blogs are a very effective tool in the PR industry. An interesting company blog can attract attention from many voracious readers and analysts. Blog is a very effective online promotion strategy that can be easily found by readers .

                   The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals

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