Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Importance of Public Relations while Organizing CSR events

In today’s world Corporate Social Responsibility has become the need of the hour. CSR plays a significant role in gaining the confidence of your target audience and stakeholders which helps in growing the business. Organizations today are initiating number of events and initiatives that will improve the economic and ethical standards.

Public Relations plays a vital role in helping to distinguish one CSR cause from another one in the minds of the companies, individuals and most importantly the target audience.

PR Professionals helps organizations to identify and create hooks to make their CSR initiatives/events newsworthy which results in maximum press coverage. The quantity and quality of the coverage in turn helps to build a strong profile and makes the event more valuable. If we evaluate about advertising versus public relations for an event, PR yields value both in financial and in terms of public perception as well. Editorial press coverage has much more impact than a straight forward advertising. Pre and post event coverage is always more cost effective and persuasive for the credibility of the organization.  

Some industries for example politics, medical, CSR appear more trustworthy and credible if the public awareness of their events and initiatives stems from print or online coverage in their respected publications. So the initiatives not only get more buzz for its initiation but that buzz is imperative and highly credible as well.  

Therefore on many fronts, if a public relation agency is involved with CSR events, it can benefit and enhance the image of that event in all aspects. 

             The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti at PR Professionals

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