Tuesday, 31 May 2016

6 Reasons Why PR Agencies are Fired

A good PR agency is one that not only helps in improving your brand reputation but also helps in marketing and sales of your business. PR agencies are hired with not only a thought of getting the desired media mileage but there are many other expectations that clients have. However of those expectations are not met time and again PR agencies are bound to be fired. Here are six reasons why PR agencies are fired. 

1. Poor Results & Poor Strategy are the major reasons why PR agencies are fired. Agencies may tell clients that how much effort they put into pitching them and still there any placements they obtained. Also those PR agencies are framing poor strategies or sourcing opportunities that are not fit for their clients.

2. Short of accountability from the agency side is another reason firing the PR agencies. When results and performance decline short of accountability becomes a everyday affair. Instead of making excuses agencies needs to be accountable for the gaps and create new strategies.

3. Low enthusiasm is a common attribute which forces organizations to move one from a PR agency. Public Relations is a very proactive profession and low enthusiasm or lack of enthusiasm from PR pros will lead them to no results.

4. Inability to manage crisis and shrugging off their shoulders in times of need. Getting favorable coverage and placing your clients at a certain level is not enough. One of the major reasons that clients fire their PR agencies is the inability to manage the crisis.

5. An excellent PR agency is one who is proactive, one who is well researched about their client and industry. If an agency doesn’t come with proactive ideas and strategies and is not actively engaged then eventually after sometime they lose an account. 

If the clients always has to instruct a PR agency on what o do and what not they are basically doing the job of an employee only. A PR agency should keep coming with strategies and plans to execute them with minimal inputs from client. And if that doesn’t happen and it’s only the client who suggests everything the agencies are sooner or later fired.

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti at PR Professionals

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