Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why Public Relation Metrics are important

Measuring Public Relations has been a debated topic amongst all the PR Professionals. There have been numerous debates on the issue, which PR measurement framework is the most appropriate. Here are few reasons why PR metrics matter.

1.      Real Results – The PR industry has been hard to define from a lay man point of view. If you even ask professionals, what public relation is? Majority would be confused or mistake PR with marketing or advertising. By having a proper framework for PR, the PR professionals would be able to offer actual and real time results. Focusing on authentic and real results allows majority to be aware of what actually PR is and will be able to measure its impact on their business.

2.      Tracking – Keeping a track of the results is important. When campaigns or PR activities are measured it is easier to pick up trends and offer those to prospect clients who might have similar campaign objectives. Instead of simply celebrating high press coverage its is utmost important to understand the conditions and strategies which helped securing them and replicate those success strategies in future as well.

3.      Sharing - Clients demand to be informed about everything, most of the time clients do not understand what the value of PR actually is. By sharing the PR metrics with your clients and shareholders it helps them understand the real value of PR. It is not enough for the clients to be aware of only the campaign and strategies that is working; they also need to know that why and how they are working.

4.      Improvement - Measuring the PR efforts allows PR professionals to improve their performances by comparing the metrics. This also allows PR agencies to manage their client’s expectation in a better way.

          The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti at PR Professionals

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