Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Role of Social Media In Crisis Management

PR and Social Media go hand in hand when it comes to protecting your brand. With the increase in value of a brand’s image, it becomes important to maintain that image against any crisis. The rapid emergence of social media (i.e. internet, social websites) has lead to a standardization of crisis management, in which one has to focus on 360 degree image maintenance. Also results from many real life industrial crisis management examples show that the medium matters more than the message. When most people think about the advantages of using social media for business, they immediately think of the marketing benefits. However, many businesses have started using social media as a tool for listening and providing customer service which helps in building loyalty of the customer.

In the situation of crisis, social media can prove to be a great tool in generating a positive stir for the businessA crisis can include anything from a simple website outrage to negative publicity.
Now the question stems as to why should any organization be concerned about social media’s influence on their image? The answer is: social media is the only platform that allows consumers to spread their opinions wide across with the speed of their tweet.

A person who may look ordinary to you can have hundreds of followers in the virtual world. So, it becomes very important to tap the need of the hour or else one bad experience may circulate to the masses in no time. PR with its quick-witted approach provides consumer relevant content to engage target consumers with the organization. The objective is simple; people who support you in the times of dawn will defend you in the moments of dusk. Maggie stands as a live example of such crisis management. The relationship between crisis management and social media can be argued upon endlessly but one cannot deny that social media is an early warning system for customer sentiments.

            The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals 

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