Saturday, 29 October 2016

Festivities and PR

Public Relations management requires PR Professionals, to tap in the ongoing happenings and associate with them, in order to create a lasting impact in the minds of target audience. Festive seasons are but an opportunity to develop excellent public relations. During festive seasons everyone wants to enjoy the maximum. 

This can be used to client’s advantage. The PR agencies, need to come up with strategies and plans, through which, the target audience can be familiarized with the brand and its attributes. These strategies need to be in line with the marketing strategies of the organization and run hand in hand with advertisement campaigns. It is a common trend that the business entities, irrespective of their sector, come out with discount offers/exchange offers and such other offers to entice the target audience.

This season can be used to boost the image of the client. Media and image management is part of the extensive domain of a PR Professional. The client may be suggested to run programs/events for slum dwellers and the underprivileged. The program could be to celebrate the festival with the residents from the slum or take their services say get the cards/gifts made by them. 

The organization can pay in lieu of this and bring the joy of festivities in their lives. Such an act would not only bring the joy of festivals in the lives of these marginalized rather it would also create a social connect. This social connect can also lead to a media traction which would benefit in the image building of the organization. 

       The author of this opinion article is Mr. Anand Prabhakar at PR Professionals 

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