Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Problems in Client Servicing

PR Professionals sometimes face hindrance in handling clients which lead to dissatisfied client and consequently termination of the contract. It is very important for a PR person to understand the client and its requirements which help him/her to deliver the best. Here are few problems faced in client servicing:

Not understanding the client’s business:

In the initial days, both the PR team as well as the client, takes time to understand each other. A lack of understanding leads to under performance which could result in cancellation of the contract. Therefore, to avoid this, the public relations team should thoroughly study about the client, their business, competitors, weak points, strong points etc.

Not giving new ideas

Clients usually want PR persons to think and plan beyond traditional media. They are interested in innovative ideas and campaigns. As a PR Professionals, we should think beyond traditional PR and suggest new PR approaches.

Not measuring success

The coverage which PR persons get for their clients should be showcased and presented to them in such a way that they too understand the impact of the story as well as its success. For this, we can share a regular report on the coverage of a particular press release. The other details like number of coverage, various media, depth of the article, reach, visibility can all be incorporated in the same to make the report impactful.

Thus, paying attention to the above mentioned point will lead to happy clients who will through word of mouth spread positive feedback for us.

         The author of this opinion article is Ms. Lovleen Sharma at PR Professionals 

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