Monday, 3 October 2016

Why do we need PR?

Recently when I met one of my school-time friends (now a renowned gastro-physician) after a gap of some 20-odd years, he asked me: “Can you help me in getting a PR agency – which can make my branding?”

The question, of course, was encouraging for the PR man like me, but I wondered: “Why does this doctor – who had won many accolades for his diagnosis and treatment at national and international levels – need a PR agency for his career makeover?”

Fortunately, the seeker himself gave the answer? “I have done much innovations and experiments in the field of education over the last over 20 years, but now I find that people are yet not aware or known to my contributions,” he said, adding, “It is like giving a solo performance in an empty stadium with no audience around.”

The doctor’s views are very important to explain the need of PR. Even in this world of latest technologies and communication networks, it would remain a mirage for any individual or institution – to let the world know about their efforts as well as achievements without a proper public relation network.

Public relations aka PR not only connects the individual or institutions to the remaining lot of the people, rather it always enhances the chances to brighten or improve their efforts to take a new high! And, who can ignore PR’s role in selection of doyens for Nobels and Bookers!

Often we de-categorize PR from the media industry! But, it is unfair from any dimension as PR has a wider canvass than the space-crunched newspapers and time-framed electronic mediums. To be precise, all news is PR, but all PR is not news! A game of sets and sub-sets! 

       The author of this opinion article is Mr. Sanjeev K Jha at PR Professionals 

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