Friday, 30 December 2016

Content Creation and PR

The idea of content creation is doctrinal to all streams, for without content no information can be disbursed neither any Public Relation nor any advertisement campaign can be run. A content creator is one person who is responsible for the true representation of an organization, product or service through his content.

Content creation and PR play a hand in glove role in the promotion strategy of a product. Any campaign cannot be run without content, even a nukkad natak needs a script leave aside the idea of a full-fledged PR campaign. PR campaigns require a detailed analysis of a lot many studies and data interpretation. All the data and studies indicate towards a certain conclusion, it is the duty of the content writer to etch out the conclusion and present it in a manner that it benefits the organization/product or service. While doing this he/she has to keep in mind the fact that his writing should not appear to be biased or should not seem to create a prejudice in the mind of the reader that it is doctored information. The reader must believe that what he is getting to know is direct ‘from the horse’s mouth’.

Content creators are often under a dilemma, that dilemma is regarding their knowledge of the veracity of the facts and their responsibility to project a positive image. The best way to steer away from this dilemma is to write in a manner that does the trick with the target audience yet keeps you out of guilt. 

              The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals 

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