Sunday, 15 January 2017

Qualities of a Good PR Professional

If you are looking for a career in Public Relations, then here are few qualities of a successful PR pro.

Always Equipped : A good PR professional should be equipped with all the necessary tools with them all the time. Smart phones, business cards, notepad even a camera should always be with them. You never know when you encounter a story or a visitor, or some unscripted moment happens.

Connection Cultivator: A PR professional should know who is cultivating what and should not invest their time trying to talk to wrong people. They should be in constant touch with the journalists and publications that are most likely to report news within their specific clients’ industry.

Investigative Spirit: A PR professional should have an eye for news. They should be informed enough to know what their consumer want to hear. This will help to give your client good coverage. 

Persuasive Power: A PR professional not only should have an eye for news but also should know how to sell that narrative. A good PR professional should know how to write, define and then sell their narrative so that the news agencies and other communication agencies should pick them instantly and disseminate to even wider audience.

Great Storyteller: Amazing stories grab peoples’ eyeballs and remain in their minds even after they have moved on to something else. It’s easy to narrate a good story but it’s fantastic when a good storyteller can narrate almost anything and makes it sound interesting. This is what a good PR professional should have within him or her.

Punctuality: If you are in a PR industry, being late can make you miss a golden opportunity. The media industry has tight deadlines, and PR professional should always respect them.

Creativity: A good PR professional connects with the client, takes care of their product, idea, cause and message they seek to send their audience. They should know how creatively they can use the information and send to the target audience.

       The author of this opinion article is Ms. Neeti Jha at PR Professionals   

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