Tuesday, 4 April 2017

9 Steps to Redefine Your Brand

Are people are still recognizing you with your brand? Do customers still associate your product with the market? Are they willing to invest their money or time for your product? If not, it may be the right time for you to redefine your brand and try creating an impression in their mind. If you are determined to redefine the brand value of your company and want to mark an impression on the customers’ mind to achieve your goals, than here we are sharing 9 simple steps to create a brand value of your product:
  1. Let your logo speak for you
Make your logo appear. Make it appealing. It is branding for your company. This should speak to people. When people see or notice an eye catching logo on advertisements or on communication material, they tend to know more about it, it imprints an impression in their eyes. You have to be consistent while marking your impression on the mind of your clients or customers.
Express your company’s identity through the logo, make it memorable. If someone sees it anywhere they should immediately recognize your company. Take for example some of the best logos: google, facebook, oyo rooms-a great combination of soothing red and white, pinterest in red color, snapchat’s ghostface chillah, SoundCloud’s logo with half audio waves and half fluffy cloud in it, amazon- adding a smile in it, bird of twitter and many others like this.
While starting working on the branding of your company, you need to be careful which logo design you want to use. Sit with your team, share ideas and express your brand in a graphic which is appealing and use right colours. Use gentle colours in your logo.
  1. Know your customers, connect with them
Before you start selling your product or services as a service provider you should understand the demands from the customers’ side.
We need to interact with the customers. Personalization always helps to make a great connect with the clients or customers. Take for example: anytime, you send a facebook message or post a comment on the facebook page of ola, they immediately react to it. They assure you that they’ll improve the service and regret the inconvenience. (We are not promoting any brand but see the service).  The customer feels satisfied that someone on the other side is hearing you. Mention their names while responding. You need to make the customer feel important, respond to them as quickly as possible.
If our customer gives some feedback, we need to work on that and improve it rather ignoring that valuable feedback from the client or customer. Your response to that feedback will increase or decrease your credibility.
Remember, our effort should be to convert a client into a lifetime member; we need to think long term. A satisfied customer or client will always come back to you, whereas unsatisfied customer will never come back. In order to maintain a good relation and retain the customer, you need to focus on the demand from the customers’ side. You need to deliver excellent services, show appreciation and treat them like a family.
  1. Reach out to right people/target audience
This should be the first step for your marketing to know and understand who your audience is and what they want. A company needs to make a good connect with its audience if it wants to stay for a long time in the mind of their audience or customers. A defined target audience and products will help you achieve your purpose.
  1. Quality of your product
May be you are good with advertising, may be you are presenting it in a nice and attractive way but the quality of your product is not that great. There are chances that first time you’ll easily be able to get customers but once they use it, they would not be interested in taking your services or product again. It’s a bitter but real truth, which you need to accept. So be careful while serving your clients or customers.
If you want your customers to be consistent, you need to give them good quality product or services. You need to serve a good quality product or service to constantly meet the customers’ requirements. The poor quality of the product or service might end up the loss in sale or liability. It is always advisable if you want to sustain in the competitive market you need to be consistent on the quality of your product.
  1. Make a note how your product is distinct from other products available in the market
There are always several options available in the market with the same product or services you are providing. How you’ll be on the top priority list of your clients or customers? You need to highlight the distinguished services of your product or service. Every business, product or service always has something different than other similar competitive brands available in the market. You need to dig out your Unique Selling Preposition (USP) and highlight those points while describing your product or service. USP is not only a marketing concept but also helpful in designing the campaign. Take for example: Patanjali brand claims that all their products are healthy and organic, Colgate protects your teeth from the cavity, the detergent Tide claims that it removes the stains and your white clothes will remain white always.
  1. Let your customers speak for you/testimonials
Testimonials, success stories, feedbacks, ratings always play a very crucial role in presenting your brand value.  They strengthen your business. Testimonials are written or recorded statements that support your credibility and level of expertise.
Take a simple example: We always go with the rating of the hotels, restaurants, movies, airlines or whichever services we want to use. If the ratings are high, if the critics are speaking good about anything, than we’ll also think to spend our money, otherwise we’ll go for another option. It’s true in most of the cases. These reviews of the products or services are a way to check the value, trust, and expertise of that company.
You should always be careful and keep a note that success and reliability of the business depend on what your clients or customers are saying about you. If you are providing good services to your customers, they will speak good of you in the business market. A good thought shared on your website or facebook page by your clients or customers encourages others to do business with you. Testimonials strengthen the credibility of your work. You can place these testimonials on your website, on your facebook, or blog. Strategic and intelligent use of testimonials will help you in increasing your credibility. So, ask your clients, customers, to give feedback or write testimonials on the services provided by you.
  1. Redesign your website
Having a website has become the necessary. Let people find you online. The website helps you establish the credibility of the business. If you have a website, you can refer it to your clients or potential customers. It helps you in reputation building.
If you have a business and you are not able to present it online than there are chances you might end up losing out a lot of business opportunities.
We know there are many businesses which do not have a website or which are using traditional websites which are not updated. You need to understand the market demands a dynamic and updated website, which gives the best results. The website is a convenient and accessible source of getting more and more information of your business.
For a dynamic website, you don’t need to invest a lot of money or time in it, there are several platforms which can help you make a dynamic and updated website for the convenience of your customers.
Use cost-effective platforms to highlight your work, you can work on WordPress, Joomla, drupal, Magento etc and get the best of the benefits with the online presence.
The more professional looks you give to your website, the more benefits you tend to get. So get ready to go Digital.
  1. Get socialize-online presence
It is a digital world and everything is available online, so why are you left behind this race. There can be two ways to mark your presence; one is putting your content on all social media platforms, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc and the other way is selecting the platform where your target audience is mostly available. They may be available on facebook and twitter only or LinkedIn, there is a possibility that most of your audience is available on facebook and Instagram. If you have a clear understanding of your target audience than you must take a decision which online platform you want to use the most. You can fix your budget for these platforms and use that platform carefully with the right content and right information.
  1. Focus on the content
The fast moving digital world sometimes demands a lot of content and lot of information to be updated online, but in this race, we sometimes forget to focus on the quality of the content. You need to know and understand that today around 40% of the world population has the internet connection with approx 3,557,119,999 users which keeps on increasing every second. Over 2 billion websites on the world wide web, the data keeps on increasing every second. To make sure that the person should follow your page, should come on our website, you need to be in the top position.
We need to upload the content which fulfills the needs of the users. It should have the relevant information available your clients, customers, or readers. User expectation
Engaging content always stands out in the long run, so while updating the information online we need to have content which engages our customers, audiences. They should feel that you are talking to them, instead just talking about your achievements. It should have some impact on the readers; impact stories are always the most relevant content.

         The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sadhna Arya at PR Professionals   

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