Friday, 21 April 2017

An Overview on Public Relations

Most of us have heard this idiom ‘From the horse’s mouth’, it means direct from the source. PR agencies give us this edge over advertisement which has been seen as a tool of marketing. PR Professionals get in touch with the media houses; conduct other public awareness programs which enlighten the masses about an organization and it’s potential. A media report gives veracity to the claim of an organization as media has traditionally been considered as the mirror of truth, it is considered that they would only propagate that which is true.

 PR is considered an effective tool to generate positive opinion about an organization and its work. They are considered effective because the masses consider them to be an opinion of an unbiased nature. Advertisements on the other hand are considered to be the handiwork of some agency hired specifically for the creating attractive, eye ball catching content. Their genuineness is always doubted.

Public Relations campaigns are conducted in a manner that the masses are convinced about the veracity of the facts shared with them. They are made to believe that this information is true and undiluted. The motive behind this is to make each and every individual a brand ambassador of the organization. A PR campaign becomes successful if the target audience starts believing that the information shared with it is true and in that belief he starts propagating the brand unabashedly. Once this is achieved those who listen to his/her version also starts believing that the said organization, product or service is good and can be relied upon. 

      The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals 

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