Friday, 30 June 2017

Most Important Aspect of PR: Ethics

PR companies while providing their services can face unique and often challenging ethical problems. While a PR firm would like to do better than the other top firms, a firm should always focus on being morally correct and keep the ethics of the profession high, and follow them absolutely. Bottom line being that successful PR hinges on the ethics of the practitioner. Hence we provide you with some ethics which you should always follow, whether you are a top PR firm, a budding PR professional or a PR veteran.

1. A PR practitioner should always have integrity, in their professional as well as personal life- by personal reputation it means high moral standards and a good reputation, and by professional it means that one should always follow the guidelines laid by the PR agency they are working for.

2.       Fair dealings towards the Clients and Employers- a PR professional should always present the truth and be honest with his clients, lying to one’s clients about their coverage or the perception by the public would only degrade a firm’s reputation. A PR professional should not disseminate false information about the client nor the employer.

3.  Honesty towards the media- at all times a PR practitioner should try to give a balanced and faithful of the organization to the media, a single false story could make the media person skeptical of all the stories which will be sent by you or your firm after that day.

4. Conduct towards colleagues- a practitioner should not injure the reputation or practice of another practitioner or a firm.

The author of this opinion article is Mr. Shivangad Singh Gill at PR Professionals

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