Friday, 28 July 2017

6 Key Skills of PR Professionals

1) Story Telling of a Brand/Company

PR Professionals are entrusted with the responsibility of steering the image of the company and ensures the right message to the right people.

When you read a news article, hear a radio spot from a DJ or journalist, read about an event or new product in your local magazines and newspapers, there are big chances of PR agency being behind that well-crafted PR strategy and guiding the way we receive it.

2) Getting Into the Minds of the Consumer

To look after PR mandate of a company, you need to know your target audiences. PR Professionals work hard to create unique stories about their organization, always pushing to create favorable perceptions in consumers’ minds, managing crisis and events and driving positive stories. But they have a different way of working than marketing. For instance:  They research demographics of target audience thoroughly and create strategic and unique public relations messages for every platform.

3)  Exhaustive Content Development

After identifying key messages and setting the strategic direction, PR Professionals will work out exactly what message, story, news angle they plan to deliver to media. Subsequently, they write to weave a story around the same.

4) Planning Events

Events are the perfect way to link a consumer, get the public to interact with your brand/company and also amplifying the same with media.

5) Interacting

PR Professionals have to design strong relationships with media, pitch stories to them on daily basis. To reach out to reporters to cover their story PR Professionals should understand media formats and journalistic skills of an individual journalist.

6)  Developing Evangelist

The best ambassador for your brand organization is your consumer’s best friend, idol or respected leader. Finding and forming alliances with ambassadors who can share the brand/company message in their own way, from their heart is far more effective then you telling them via a common man.

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Kanishka Sapra at PR Professionals

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