Monday, 20 November 2017

PR for Startups

Starting a new business is never easy and managing it altogether is a daunting task. The brainstorming, raising funds, long work hours, meeting deadlines and a few resources can be extremely difficult at times. You want your business to be in the limelight and to establish a brand name. Here is where the role of Public Relations for Startup comes into action. Here is a cost-effective approach for PR for Startups , which can immediate result in a minimal time. Here are 4 ways to establish a Startup through PR.


The objective of your startup public relations program should be to obtain maximum positive exposure for your company. Getting PR for your startup is the best way to increase your customer base. Concise and clear communication plan is necessary to create awareness. Here is where the importance of a content strategy for startups comes into focus. A content strategy will give you an assurance that your message will have the right kind of effect on the target audience.

Executing the Line of Action

The aim is to get the maximum reach by implementing a steady flow of media based activities. The first step is grabbing the attention of the journalists. Let the journalists know that your story fits with their beat and pitch them on similar stories. This is where PR Professionals can be particularly useful as they can pitch story ideas with targeted media on specific objective of the company. Developing a practical public relations plan is necessary combining the new media with traditional methods. It is also crucial to develop a strong communication with the media. Communicating a great story is an integral part of PR.

Measuring Results and Impact

It is important to implement a tracking system in order to measure results. This helps to get a good return on investment of the campaign by comparing the actual results with the desired. You can start by measuring the amount of media exposure, the media coverage and its reach to the specific target audience.

Determining the Success

After implementation of an impactful PR strategy, you are bound to see impressive results. Positive media coverage will be generated by the time this stage is reached. Once familiarity with the process and media is gained, it will become easy to analyse what works and what doesn’t.

    The author of this opinion article is Ms. Nishi Agrawal at PR Professionals

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