Thursday, 11 January 2018

Digital Media and Public Relations: An Emerging Relationship

Public Relations as a field has undergone numerous changes from the time it came into practice. There are many factors that contribute in the changing aspect of Public relations like the advanced technology, communication techniques and most importantly, digital media. Earlier,  Press Release, press conferences formed the main tool of public relations but with time, techniques are modified and today digital media forms one of the most important tools of public relations. It is one of the most influential platforms for brand and image management.  Public relations and digital media go hand in hand and because it is followed by large number of people especially the young generation of the country.

    Benefits of Public Relations in collaboration with Digital Media:

1.      Digitization of public relations automatically creates a platform for on-spot feedback and suggestions. People feel free to share their views and ideas on social networking sites.

2.      Unlike Press Conferences or circulation of press release, digital media is comparatively easily accessible. It allows consumers to connect and engage with brands as per their requirements.

3.      24*7 PR and widespread of information at any time of the day is one of the most important benefits of PR through Digital Media.

4.      Press Releases, news articles are not just confined to news papers or magazines. In addition, online web portals are new destination for news followed by thousands of people. Companies engaged in digital PR give a positive impression as it portrays the company as tech friendly and abreast with latest trends.

Public relations techniques practiced through digital media along with the traditional media will prove as a better option these days .Digital public relations is measurable, immediate response is available and provides option of sharing content. Digital media may sound very specific but in the long run, it will helps the company to flourish and create waves in constantly growing digital world.

 The author of this opinion article is Ms. Ila Upadhayay at PR Professionals

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