Friday, 23 March 2018

What Key Criteria do Companies use to Evaluate Regional and Global PR Agencies?

1. A Good Name with Experience:

 An experienced PR agency with a good reputation is one of the key criteria for the companies to be taken into account in order to evaluate a PR agency. The agency must be a renowned agency with years of experience in that field.

2. Competitiveness:

When choosing a PR agency, it needs to be sure about the competitiveness of the agency. In this case, certain questions are needed to be taken into consideration. Does it may tailor made starategy for other companies? Does it use the cutting edge techniques? These are the crucial questions to be answered.

3. Having a Perceptive Approach:

The Public Relation Agencies must have unique approach of their own to ensure a favourable image of the organization. The agencies must try to understand companies and their stakeholders.

4. Up to Date and Having Trending Knowledge:

It is noticeable that marketing and PR game have the tendency to change quickly in the today’s digital world. The PR agencies must have the awareness of the changing trends, means of communication and so on.

5. Effective Connection:

An effective connection between the agency and the media is also a key criterion, while choosing a PR agency. The agencies must know journalists, industry figureheads, thought leaders and other PR agencies. They need to build solid relationship with design firms, marketing organizations and so on.

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