Friday, 14 September 2018

Role of PR in Crisis Management

Crisis Management is an art of handling unexpected events which can deteriorate the reputation of an organization. A PR agency should always be ready for it and should concentrate on limiting the damage caused to the organization.

Following are the steps a PR professional or an agency should follow:

  Advising and guiding: a foremost step of a PR agency is to plan a strategy as per the situation and then providing the organization with appropriate solutions to deal with the crisis.

  Handling Media: As soon as the agency finds a solution to the crisis, it has to deal with the media by either organizing press conferences to answer the questions of media or by personally talking to the concerned media personals. 

 After crisis support: Once the PR agency has dealt with the crisis they need to provide the after support that will create a positive impact on the reputation of an organization. This can be either done through press releases or by accepting the fault and assuring the public that all the required measures will be taken to minimize the impact of the crisis.

Thus, a PR agency needs to work out in the best way possible to deal with the crisis. The way it handles the crisis, it defines their efficiency to work. To provide good crisis management services one requires good networking with media as well as appropriate planning for the crisis.

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Mandavi Golani at PR Professionals

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