Tuesday, 11 December 2018

5 Reasons Why Women are the Masters of PR

If you’ve ever worked with Public Relations Agency, chances are there that your mentor or colleague must be a woman. The number of women working in this sector is more as compared to men and is commonly said that PR is a female dominated industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women comprise 63 per cent of PR specialist roles and 59 percent of PR management positions. With each passing day, the number of women involving themselves in multiple jobs from client handling to business development is on a rise.

There are reasons why women are more attracted to the sector as compared to men.

Women have a Better Convincing Power: Women have the natural ability to convince. Moreover, they are better attuned to the customer’s requirements, ensuring satisfying relationships. It is because of this quality, women are better handlers of crisis management.

Long-Term Association: It is a known fact that women are more sincere than men and this is the reason they tend to sustain relationships over a longer period of time, a trait crucial for any the PR firm.

Women are Social Butterflies: Studies have proven that women are more social than men. Most of them are socially charismatic and have great networking skills. Famous for their high interaction levels, women can strengthen any business collaboration.

Flexibility in Work: Many a time PR offer job as freelancers, so many women take such jobs especially when they have kids to take care of. This reduces their possibility to leave their job as they can continue from home with flex-time.

Women have More Patience: Women are more patient than men so they tend to opt PR sector and do better.

With all the above qualities women outnumber in PR sectors more.

   The author of this opinion article is Ms. Navdeep Nandre at PR Professionals

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